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Faculty Summer Grant Awards

Requests for summer research support must be in the Provost's Office by 15 February, or the nearest working day.


Awards for scholars in the entire range of academic, professional, or artistic fields to engage in research, writing, exhibition, or performance. This award shall not support efforts to attain an advanced degree.


To encourage and support scholarly research, writing, and performance by Centenary College faculty.


Full-time faculty members who are in a continuing status with at least one year of teaching experience at the College.


Interested faculty members must present a well-defined program, developed with enough detail to allow evaluation by faculty colleagues. Generally, a page or two is sufficient to evaluate the proposal. If this is a continuing project, the applicant must provide information on how previous awards have advanced the project. Further, the applicant must provide an itemized budget for the funds requested. The program will fund supplies, travel, student assistance but not faculty salary. Successful proposals must demonstrate reasonable promise of publication or presentation at a scholarly conference; production of an original work of art; significant enhancement of the applicant's knowledge or teaching skills; or curricular, cultural, or intellectual development. Unsuccessful applicants for the Lyons Faculty Summer Research Award will be considered in this grant program. However, budgetary constraints will limit the amount of the award.

Financial Data

The College will make several awards of up to $1,250. A maximum of $600 per request can be used for transportation (airfare or mileage). Applicants must submit detailed budgets supporting their request. The award shall be payable after June 1 of the award year and the Provost may approve advances up to $1,000. To obtain reimbursement, awardees must submit original receipts within 60 days of incurring the expense. Any unclaimed funds remaining on 15 October will revert to the restricted account for distribution next summer. All available funds will not necessarily be awarded each year. The total amount awarded will be based on the earnings generated by the endowment supporting the program, the residual funds from previous years, and the merit of the proposals.

Selection Panel

Faculty Development Committee


The Faculty Development Committee and the Provost will generate interest in the award, encourage faculty members to apply, review each proposal, and select the recipients. The President will confirm the selections.


Incumbents of Endowed Chairs or Professorships are not eligible to apply.

Reporting Requirements

Awardees will submit a report (with detailed expenditure report) on the work accomplished during the summer by 15 October following the award. Failure to submit a research report in a timely fashion will adversely affect subsequent awards.

Last updated March 3, 2008.