Policy 10-94 (Revised): Scheduling of Facilities

  1. All Centenary College facilities are owned by the institution.
  2. All space is scheduled through the Facilities Coordinator in the Centenary College Facilities Services Department.
  3. All scheduling should take place with at least three days prior to the event. Needed facilities, equipment and food service may not be available on short notice.
  4. Scheduling of facilities for college use takes priority over that for outside groups.
  5. Any person or non-campus group, operating non-profit or for profit, wishing to use Centenary College facilities must coordinate with the Facilities Coordinator at Facility Services.
  6. Academic scheduling takes precedence over any other facilities scheduling on campus.
  7. The Registrar's Office coordinates the class schedule for the semester and assigns appropriate classrooms, including science and computer laboratories. After classes begin, the Facilities Coordinator is responsible for scheduling the use of facilities on campus in conjunction with heads of departments or administrative offices, except for changes of classrooms, which will be coordinated by the Registrar. Scheduling of computer laboratories shall be coordinated by Information Technology".
  8. Bynum Commons is scheduled in conjunction with Marriott Food Services. Any group or person planning to serve food at a scheduled function must contact Marriott Food Service at 869-5283. Marriott has the right of first refusal on all food service on the Centenary College campus.
  9. The Facilities Coordinator schedules the use of residence halls during the summer conference period, except those used to house summer term students, which are scheduled by the Assistant Dean of Students.
  10. All persons who wish to schedule the use of a room, building, outdoor facilities, or an athletic field must complete a "Facilities Use Request" form. If the Facilities Coordinator does not have a request form for the event, the event can not be scheduled. "Facilities use Request" can be obtained through the Facilities Services offices.
  11. The event calendar for the upcoming week (Monday through Sunday) is sent out on Thursday mornings. To insure an event's inclusion on the calendar, the facilities request form must be turned in no later than 2:30 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the week in which the event is to be held. Groups that do not schedule in a timely manner may find themselves without heat or air conditioning. During the school year all athletic fields must be scheduled through the "Compliance Coordinator" Ext. 5090. During the summer months all athletic fields must be scheduled and approved by the "Facility Coordinator."
  12. If an event is discovered to be in progress and is not on the Weekly Activities Schedule, security personnel will not allow it to continue until a determination is made whether it is authorized. This applies to athletic events, as well as group meetings.
  13. If space in a facility is being used for profit, the college does not officially sponsor the event. The organization or person sponsoring the event must:
    • provide the Facilities Coordinator with a certificate of liability insurance for one million dollars, naming Centenary College as the additional insured;
    • sign a lease contract with the Facilities Coordinator stipulation the specific facility and period of time involved; A deposit will be required with the signed lease.
    • Rental fees should be submitted to the Facility Coordinator's office.
  14. Not for profit groups wishing to use Centenary College facilities must provide a certificate of insurance. Fees may be waived for non-profit groups, or they may be asked to contribute an honorarium to a scholarship fund. They must also sign a contract for the use of the facility in question, and they will be required to pay for all incidental and support services requested (e.g. equipment, food service, and so on) while on campus.

Last updated July, 1999.