Policy 2-94: Computer Lab Use

The purpose of the Centenary College computer labs is to support the official functions of the institution: teaching, learning, research, and administration of the college. Use of lab computers for games or other purposes that are inconsistent with this purpose is strongly discouraged. Those found to be using computer work stations for unofficial or entertainment purposes, such as playing computer games or engaging in unreasonably extended e-mail dialogues, must relinquish them promptly to students, faculty, or staff requesting them for educational or other official use. Refusal to do so may result in loss of computer privileges and/or other disciplinary action under administrative and judicial procedures of the college.

Group work is permitted in computer labs under supervision of faculty members or staff engaged in instructional or other official capacities. Unsupervised group activities are permitted so long as they do not disturb the work of others. Requests for quiet made by lab users who are not participants in unsupervised activities taking place in the labs should be honored without delay. Failure to do so should be reported to the lab supervisor, the Director of Academic Computing, or other college official for action according to the stipulations cited above.

Student lab supervisors are empowered to act with official authority in enforcing compliance with this college policy.

Unauthorized loading of games into network computers is explicitly prohibited.