Policy 5-94 (Revised): Development and Submission of Grant Proposals

An orderly process of proposal development and submission should assure that 1) the optimum case can be made for the requested funding, 2) the institution is protected from unforeseen liabilities, 3) those who need to be informed about the proposal are involved at the critical moments, and 4) no unnecessary delays ensue for the principal investigator.

To help meet these conditions and to assist principle investigators in developing effective proposals, the following procedures shall guide all formal grant proposals for extramural funding that bear the name of Centenary College. These may be submitted either 1) institutionally, in the name of Centenary College or 2) individually, by Centenary faculty, staff, or students in an official capacity — that is, submitting the proposal as a Centenary College faculty or staff member or student on behalf of themselves or others as members of the institution. Exceptions to this policy may be made, as circumstances dictate, but only with the agreement of the President or the Provost.

Each grant proposal shall have a clearly designated principal investigator, and it shall be the responsibility of this individual to follow the procedures and the timetable incorporated into the form distributed with this policy.

The attached form shall constitute the cover sheet of each Centenary College grant proposal as it circulates through necessary channels prior to submission to outside agencies.

Adopted October 20, 1994. Last updated July, 1999.