Policy 6-94: Key Issuance Policy

Effective Date: 06/01/95

Revised: 02/01/96


To protect the members of the College Community and property by providing a secure and safe working environment through the issuance of facilities' keys to its staff employees, faculty, and students/student workers.


Areas of Responsibility

The Dean of Student Life is responsible for the issuing of keys to all enrolled students and student organization personnel, excluding student employees. Keys are requested according to the established procedure; however, the Dean of Student Life determines which students get keys, and the extent of their access on the Centenary College Campus. All student keys are issued directly from the Dean's Office.

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for issuing keys to faculty, staff and student employees. Requests for keys originate with the Unit Head. Questions concerning the extent of an employee's access will be resolved by the Provost (faculty) and the Vice President for Finance & Administration (staff and student employees).

Key Issuing Procedures

  1. The Unit Head or Dean of Student Life submits a request, in writing, for the issuing of keys for specific personnel to the Facilities Services Manager, or to the Facilities Coordinator. If questions arise regarding the request, those questions must be resolved before the keys will be produced.
  2. Upon receipt of the approved request, the Facilities Services Manager issues a work order to the Special Services Manager.
  3. The Special Services Manager cuts the keys.
  4. The keys are delivered to and signed for by the Facilities Coordinator (faculty, staff, and student employees), or by the Dean of Student Life (students).
  5. The Facilities Coordinator notifies the originator of the request that the key order is ready.
  6. The originator of the request notifies the appropriate recipients that they may retrieve keys from the Facilities Coordinator; residence hall keys will be issued by the Residence Life Staff.
  7. All persons receiving keys to facilities at Centenary College must sign a key receipt form for each key received. Faculty, staff, and student employees may retrieve and sign for keys from the Facilities Coordinator between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. In the event that an employee works only at night, he or she may sign for keys with Security.
  8. The Special Services Manager will deliver keys for students to the Dean of Student Life, who will sign for them and issue them to the Residence Life Staff or to approved students.

Key Return Procedures

Keys must be returned upon the employee's termination. "Termination" is defined as the voluntary or involuntary separation of the employee from the College's employment, and includes the employee's resignation or retirement, the employee's dismissal by the College, or the employee's death.

  1. If the employee terminates employment, the employee must return all keys to the Facilities Coordinator before 4:30pm on his or her last working day. The employee's last paycheck will be issued after all College property is returned and all monetary charges are collected.
  2. If the employee is terminated by the College, and is given two weeks' notice, the requirements of point one apply; however, if the employee is dismissed immediately, the unit head, supervisor, or Security must escort that employee to the Facilities Coordinator and the Payroll & Benefits Office. All College property must be returned and monetary charges collected before the dismissed employee leaves the College.
  3. If the employee terminates employment without returning to the College, his or her last paycheck will be held until all College property is returned. If keys are not returned within two (2) working days of termination, locks will be rekeyed and the terminated employee will be charged with all costs associated with the rekeying of those locks and key replacements for other affected employees.
  4. In the event of an employee's death, the employee's immediate supervisor will be responsible for returning the employee's keys to the Facilities Coordinator when the employee's personal property is removed from his or her office. If keys are not returned within two (2) weeks from the date of the employee's death, the locks to which the employee had access will be rekeyed; all costs incurred will be charged to the department in which the employee worked. Keys should not be reissued to employees or kept by the department or any person not employed by Centenary College.
  5. The Facilities Coordinator will deliver all returned keys, except those which are to be reissued, to the Facilities Services Manager.

Lost or Stolen Keys

The employee is responsible for all Centenary College keys in his or her possession. An individual who loses keys will be charged for the rekeying of locks for keys which are lost or stolen, and the employee will be charged for replacement keys for all other Centenary College employees who have keys to those locks. This can be very expensive, since the charges will depend on the area(s) affected by the key loss, as well as the number of locks and keys which need to be replaced.

Lending Keys to Friends, Students, Spouses

Keys to Centenary College facilities may not be loaned or given to persons who are not associated with the College or who are not approved for access to a specific area. Employees or students who lend, give, or duplicate keys to Centenary College facilities will be charged for the rekeying of locks and the reissuing of keys. In addition, the employee will not be issued any keys to any facilities on the Centenary College campus for a period of one (1) year from the date of the infraction.

Last updated 20 July 2000.