Section 5: Faculty Organization

The faculty is organized under a constitution and a set of bylaws (Section 17), which formalize regular faculty meetings, academic departments and divisions, and a committee structure (see Section 6).

Current copy and changes (Section 5 of faculty handbook): The faculty exercises its legislative function in meetings over which the President of the College presides or, at the President's request, by the Provost or another member of the faculty. Only members of the full-time faculty and those specified in the Bylaws (faculty handbook, Sec 17) may vote. Parliamentary rules proceed under Roberts Rules of Order. The constitution defines "faculty," provides for a secretary to the faculty, defines areas of responsibility for the academic program of the College, and makes other such provisions as are necessary for faculty organization. The bylaws establish this handbook, provide for a handbook on committee structure, stipulate procedures for meetings, and detail the academic divisional structure of the College. The Honor Court Chief Justice or a representative of the court will make a presentation to the faculty at the September faculty meeting. (2/2011)

The faculty elects from its membership 1) the Chair of the Faculty Coordinating Council, 2) the members of the Faculty Personnel and Economic Policy Committees, and 3) such other persons as might be needed to carry on the business of the faculty.

Last updated May 20, 2011.