Centenary Renewal

Working Together to Transform our Future

Our entire community is working together to compose a new chapter in the College's future. It is an exciting time to be at Centenary and experience the renewal of our historic institution.

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The College has made significant progress since announcing Centenary Renewal in spring of 2011. Completed projects have made behind-the-scenes as well as visible improvements to the campus, which push forward Centenary’s drive for a more sustainable future:


  • Better lighting has been installed along Woodlawn Avenue and throughout the Arboretum.

  • Motion sensors for lights have been installed in offices and classrooms.

  • Electric meters have been installed in buildings across campus to monitor energy use.

  • A new sidewalk has been poured along Wilkinson Street.

  • Centenary’s guesthouse has a renovated kitchen and a new roof.

  • The boiler and piping that heat Mickle Hall of Science, the Smith Building, Brown Chapel, the Hurley buildings, and Magale Library was replaced.

  • Door updates, exit stairs, and railing improvements have been made across campus to increase fire safety.

Bynum Commons

  • Bynum Commons has received 3 new HVAC units and the Dining Hall hot water supply has been replaced.

Fitness Center

  • Components of the "Pool Pak" HVAC system were replaced.

Feazel Instrumental Hall

  • Roof repairs have been made to Feazel Instrumental Hall.

Hamilton Hall

  • Outdoor building signs have been installed at Hamilton Hall.

Hurley School of Music

  • The Hurley School of Music building has received upgrades to the plumbing and painting.

  • The Anderson Green room has been re-painted and new carpet has been placed.

  • The Hurley School of Music building has undergone HVAC renovations.

  • A new underground cooling/heating water supply line to the Hurley School of Music Building was installed to improve reliable supply for systems and eliminate continuing leaks.

Jackson Hall

  • Jackson Hall has undergone HVAC renovations.
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Kilpatrick Auditorium

  • Roof repairs have been made to Kilpatrick Auditorium.

Magale Library

  • The water tower for HVAC support has been replaced.

Marjorie Lyons Playhouse

  • The Playhouse has received new chairs, carpeting, and paint.

  • A new energy-efficient HVAC system has been installed as well as outdoor signs.

  • The roof top AC unit and areas of the roof have been replaced.

Mickle Hall of Science

  • Mickle Hall of Science has received updates to the roofing and restrooms, lab renovations, painting, and new furniture.

  • Fire code issues have been addressed for the workrooms, restrooms, and stairways in Mickle Hall of Science.

  • New doors were installed in Mickle Hall of Science.

  • The elevator has received renovations and the HVAC system has been renovated.

Residence Halls

  • The sidewalks around Hardin, Sexton, and James Hall have been repaired.

  • Parking lots located behind James and Hardin Residence Halls have been paved. Brick pavers have also been added to the parking lot entries to identify walkways.
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  • The covered breezeway connecting Sexton, James, and Hardin Residence Halls has been reinforced.

  • Cline Hall

    • New tables have been placed in Cline Hall (student-led project).

    • New sections of water line were installed at Cline Residence Hall.

    • Energy management controls have been installed and the heating system boiler has been replaced in Cline Residence Hall.

    • Renovations included flooring, paint, HVAC units, bathrooms, and plumbing.

    • The courtyard received a new drainage system, stained concrete flooring, furniture, and landscaping.

    Hardin Hall

    • Hardin Hall has received new paint, flooring, and new countertops in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and common areas.

    James Hall

    • James Hall has received improvements including painting, repairs, and furniture for the four Living Learning Communities.

    • Emergency exit doors were corrected in James Residence Hall.

    Sexton Hall

    • The domestic water supply to Sexton was replaced.

Student Life

  • All basketball goals have been replaced with newer models.

  • A new scoreboard and pavilion with water fountain and picnic tables were installed on Jones Rice Field. (An SGA-led improvement.)

  • The Moore Student Union building has received bathroom renovations and new paint as well as roof repairs.
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  • The band shell has been painted (student-led project).

Many other projects for Centenary Renewal are currently in the implementation or planning stages:

  • Technology updates including wireless internet access will be made across campus.

  • Old outdoor lighting will continue to be replaced with more energy efficient lighting.

  • New building controls for energy efficiency will continue to be installed throughout campus buildings.

  • The Gold Dome will receive roof repairs, new paint, wind screens, and bathroom upgrades.

  • Drains, gutters, and roofs on campus buildings will be repaired and/or replaced as well as air handling equipment.

  • Renovations for Rotary Hall Suites are currently in the planning stage and include painting, carpeting, kitchen updates, new HVAC unites, and furniture.

  • A Centenary marquee sign is planned for installation on Kings Highway.