2009 Research Forum Winners

Poster Session

  1. First placeó Deanna Apple í08 and Marco Rajo, a neuroscience major from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for PKM. in the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei
  2. Second placeóAndy Osborn, a neuroscience major from Ponchatoula, La., for Employing Azaferrocene Catalysts in the Ketene-Claisen Condensation of Beta-Ketoesters
  3. Third placeóJordon Day, a biology major from Shreveport, La., for Investigation of a conserved tyrosine residue in a yeast casein kinase 1 protein kinase

Natural Sciences

  1. First placeóAshley Rawson, a chemistry major from Pineville, La., for Attempted synthesis of fluorescein-appended perfluoroalkyl iron compounds
  2. Second placeóDavid Moss, a geology major from Chelsea, Okla., for Pliocene Development of Great White Shark Serrations
  3. Third placeóDaniel Antee, a biology major from Bossier City, La., for Relationship between color of flowers in the field and feeder color preference by Apis mellifera

Social Science

  1. First placeóMatthew Wallace, a business administration and psychology major from Shreveport, La., for The Role of Informational and Transformational Ad Content in Higher Education Marketing
  2. Second placeóBlaine Wilson, a sociology and psychology major from Lafayette, La., for An Analysis of Privilege: Men, Masculinity and Sexuality
  3. Third placeóJohn Hafer, a business economics, finance, and business administration major from Cincinnati, Ohio, for Executive Participation in Fraudulent Financial Reporting: The Behavioral Influence of Options in the Compensation Package


  1. First placeóElinora Madrid, a biology major from Shreveport, La., for Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the Authorship Question
  2. Second placeóLeah Sayad, a music major from Shreveport, La., for Louisiana Songs of French and Creole Origin
  3. Third PlaceóBritney Winn, a religious studies major from Haynesville, La., for An Unarticulated, Popular Theodicy: Constructing Conversation between Wendy Farley, William Young, and Augustine to Define the Theodicy of The Shack