2010 Research Forum Winners

The annual Research Forum allows students to present the results of their research before an audience of faculty and peers. Faculty judges evaluate presentations based on overall presentation, project; including objective, difficulty, evidence and results; significance and originality, and question and answers. Poster presentations are judged on display, content and oral presentation. The winners for the 2010 event are listed below.

A total of 45 research papers and posters were presented during the 2010 forum. For an overview, you can view the 2010 program.

Poster Session

Kelly Reed

First place Kelly Reed - Thymoquinone(TQ) and Cisplatin(CDDP) in a Non-small Cell Lung Cancer(NSCLC) Xenograft Model

Dallas Krentzel

Second place Dallas Krentzel - Investigation of the Conserved RD Pocket in the CK1 protein kinase family

Marco Rajo

Third place Marco Rajo - Protein Kinase M Zeta (PKMζ) a Modulator of Light-Induced Phase Shifts

Natural Sciences

Kathryn Craigo

First place Kathryn Craigo - Synthesis and In Vivo Testing of Perfluoroalkyl Analgesic Derivatives

David Moss

Second place David Moss - Serration Variability of Teeth in Great White Shark Jaws

Jonathan Carrere

Third place Jonathan Carrere - The Effects of Methylin and Diazepam on Temperature Tolerances in Gambusia affinis

Social Science

First place Anne Zapczynski - Academic Dishonesty

Quinn Larwood

Second place Quinn Larwood - Guilty As Charged: An Analysis of the Honor System at Centenary College

Kenneshea Allums

Third place Kenneshea Allums - Beauty Perceptions Among African-American Women


Christene Paxton

First place Christene Paxton Freire and Cone: Developing a Liberation Theology Curriculuar Resource to Raise Critical Consciousness through a Not-For-Profit Agency

Second place Rachel McConnell-Switzer - From Main Actor to Matron: How the Character Rebekah is Hellenized by Josephus in Antiquities of the Jews

Third place Sarah Savage - Panic Behind the Mask: The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918