20th Annual Centenary Student Research Forum

The winners for 2011 Research Forum have been announced.

The 2011 Research Forum takes place over Thursday and Friday, April 14-15. For additional information, see our press release for the 2011 Research Forum.

see also: instructions for presenters and judges

POSTER Presentations/Judging

Presentation and judging will take place on Thursday, April 14th at 11:10am in Mickle Hall. In preparation of the judging, presenters should have their posters in place and ready at their assigned locations no later than 11:00am.

View abstracts for poster displays.

Jonathan Carrere Biology
Matthew Blam Biology
Joshua Phillips Biology
Lauren Larkin Biology
Laura Immenschuh Biology
Marci McMahen Biology
Nikki Escott Biology
Randall White Chemistry
Charles Madden Chemistry
Kathryn Hardey Computer Science, Physics
Jackson Blankstein Computer Science, Neuroscience
Renée Do, et. al. Neuroscience
S. Kinchen, J. Kemp Neuroscience
Heather Wensler, et. al. Neuroscience
D. Micinski, et. al. Neuroscience
C Redman, et. al. Psychology
A Shackleton, et. al. Psychology
Micah Goodwin Political Science

ORAL Presentations/Judging

Presentation and judging will take place on Friday, April 15th. Locations and starting time vary by division, with both sessions ending around 3:50pm.

Social Sciences and Humanities in Kilpatrick Auditorium

View abstracts for these social science and humanities presentations.

12:55pm Introduction/Welcome
1:00pm Molly Adkins History
1:10pm Catherine Walsh Religious Studies
1:20pm Wesley Carlisle Business/Finance/Economics
1:30pm Manoah O'Dell Business/Finance/Economics
1:40pm Wesley Carlisle Education, Mathematics, Biology
1:50pm Renée Do Psychology, Neuroscience
2:00pm Sean Brazeel Psychology
2:10pm David Micinski Psychology
2:20pm Break
2:30pm Aurora Owen Psychology
2:40pm Megan Webber Psychology
2:50pm Alicia Ivanic Psychology
3:00pm Laila Al-Dubais Psychology
3:10pm Jeffrey Schaffert Psychology
3:20pm Tuaneeta Shears Psychology
3:30pm Brandon Sepulvado Sociology
3:40pm Costantinos Dafnis Performing Arts

Natural Sciences in Carlile Auditorium

View abstracts for these science presentations.

1:25pm Introduction/Welcome
1:30pm John Cefalu Biochemistry
1:40pm Sunil Kaimootil Biology
1:50pm Joshua Phillips Biology
2:00pm Dallas Krentzel Biology, Geology
2:10pm Erica Glidewell Biology, Neuroscience
2:20pm Amanda Krentzel Neuroscience
2:30pm Everett Grimley Biophysics
2:40pm Sarah Sihvonen Chemistry
2:50pm Kathryn Craigo Chemistry
3:00pm Reem Abo-Zahrah Chemistry
3:10pm Brandi Candler Computer Science, Physics
3:20pm Aaron Otto Physics
3:30pm Francis Petitto Physics
3:40pm James Riley Physics