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Economic Stratification


  • Feminist Theory Website over 30 countries featured, profiles of writers, a diversity of fields
  • Femina a searchable site on women's news, interests, research, etc.; a particularly good source of links to sites on domestic violence.
  • Women's Studies Resources lots of sites with specific subcategories.
  • Kearl's Tour: Gender and Society a fun and interesting cyberspace tour on the topic of gender as a social construct and gender inequality; a lotta links along the way.
  • The Glass Ceiling Commission an award-winning site evidencing the glass ceiling for women, i.e., "the invisible, artificial barriers that prevent qualified individuals from advancing within their organization and reaching full potential."

International/Comparative Resources


Race and Ethnicity

Social Psychology


Urban and Community Studies

Data and Text Resources

Sociological Web Site Centers

You'll find some overlap with sites listed here, but there's plenty more to discover, many of which may be more suited to your purposes.

Sociological Organizations and Departments

Get in the loop! Here are some organization sites, moving roughly from macro to micro: