Examen Oral

Part One

You are a college counselor. I am an exchange student from Spain. Ask appropriate questions to find out the following information:

1. What my name is
2. Where I am from
3. How old I am
4. What courses or classes I want to take
5. Where I wish to live in campus
6. Whether or not I smoke
7. My hobbies and interests

Part Two

I will pick one of the topics below, and we will have a conversation. You should be able to say at least 4 or 5 sentences without too much hesitation. If you are not confident, practice with a friend beforehand.

1. Describe some of your likes and dislikes (you may talk about your activities on campus and at home)

Use Gustar and other similar verbs, including encantar, interesar, no gustar, etc. Ej. Me gustar salir con amigos y comer en restaurantes como Tacomania.

2. Describe what a typical Friday is like for you (include reflexive, present tense verbs)

Primero, me despierto a las siete. Me levanto, y luego voy al baño, donde me ducho. . .

3. Describe – in the past tense—what you did during Thanksgiving Break (para las vacaciones del dia de gracias)

Para las vacaciones del dia de gracias, fui a mi casa a Houston Texas. Llegué el viernes por la noche. El sábado vi a mis amigos del colegio. Etc..

4. Describe – in the imperfect tense—what YOU and YOUR FRIENDS used to do in high school.

Cuando yo era niño/ niña, yo vivía con mi madre, mi padre, mi hermano, y mi perro en Baton Rouge. Mi madre se llama Susana. Ella era alta y morena. Todos los días ella iba a trabajar al hospital. Era enfermera. También cocinaba muy bien para nosotros y me ayudaba siempre con mis tareas (homework).