Ocho Chicas con Una Grabadora

Entrevistas con la Comunidad Hispana de Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana:

Description of the Project

Members of Spanish 307 at Centenary College of Louisiana interviewed 8 members of our local Spanish-speaking community during the week of March 11, 2002. We asked a series of questions related to the participants' cultural background as well as their experiences in the United States. Our purpose was two-fold: to practice interacting with native speakers in Spanish and to gain insight into the experiences of local first and second generation immigrants.

The people we interviewed come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Some are from Europe, others from Latin America. Some are professionals; some are full-time parents; some are still in school. We hoped that such diversity would help us to better compare and contrast not only our subjects' experiences but also their accents and linguistic style. We used digital recorders donated to us by ACS, which enabled us to download our conversations onto the web. We hope that you, as students or professors of Spanish, might be able to listen to these interviews and use some of them as a basis for future conversations on culture as well as language study both in and outside of your classrooms.