Learning Labs Schedules

The Student Resource Center provides student tutors, recommended by professors at Centenary in the subjects that they support. Student tutors work according to a set weekly schedule, tutoring 1:1 if an individual student comes for assistance or as the leader of a study group when multiple students attend.

Peer tutoring is offered primarily for 100- and 200-level courses, although some support may be offered in upper-level courses, depending on the situation.

No registration. No fees. No prep.

If you've used our tutors recently, we would love to receive feedback about your visit! You can use our online comment card. We appreciate constructive criticism.

Fall 2016 Tutoring Schedule

All tutoring takes place in the Student Resource Center (SRC) on the 2nd Floor of the Magale Library unless otherwise indicated.

Subjects Tutors Day and Times
Accounting & Finance
Jackson Hall 305
Jacob Mosher email Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10pm
Mickle AED Student Room, 2nd floor
Melissa Traver email Tuesday and Wednesday 6-8 pm
Chemistry (General)
Mickle Chemistry Student Room
Halen Sumner email Sunday 2-4pm, Monday 6-8pm, and Wednesday 6-8pm
Chemistry (Organic)
Mickle Chemistry Student Room
Manon Doucet email Monday and Wednesday 6-8pm
Economics & Statistics Kendall Demouchet email Monday and Wednesday 4-6pm
French Simone Byrd email Monday 6-9pm and Tuesday 1-2pm
Magale Library: Student Resource Center
Alex Shannon email Monday and Tuesday 7-9pm, or by appointment
Rebecca Dunn email Wednesday 7-10pm and Thursday 3-4pm
Mickle Hall 111
Jackson Hall 309
Grace Rambo email Monday 12:30-2:30pm and Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm
Tyler Sanders email Tuesday, 1-3pm, Thursday 12-2pm, and Friday 10-11am
Mark Shepherd email Thursday 3-5pm and Friday 10am-12pm, 1-2pm

Note: this schedule is subject to occasional changes and additions. Please check back for modifications, including additional subjects added to the roster as students express need. If you believe that you need individualized tutoring in any subject, please contact Dr. Edward Ragan email, Assistant Provost for Student Support.