Centenary Leaders turn learning into action and personal growth into public good in and through one of three World Houses, responding to the Global Challenges of the 21st Century with a group in a common residence and with a common purpose.

  • Live a Meaningful Life by working for Social Justice

  • Expand Your Circles of Relationships by working for Peace

  • Live a Sustainable Live by working for Environmental Sustainability

Centenary's approach to integrating learning inside and outside of the classroom is different.

Once you commit to Centenary, the Student Development staff will help you identify the World House to which you are most drawn, the place and group you will call home - at least for your first year. Each World House is designed to help you explore through service and leadership one of the world's greatest needs just as you are learning about the Global Challenges of the 21st Century in your classes. Once you are matched with the best World House for you, placement within that group is guaranteed only on a first come first served basis with attention to creating diverse residential communities. (Tip: To increase your chances of getting your best match, get your admission deposit in as soon as possible.)

In your sophomore year, you will choose whether to continue your journey with your original World House or join another one. You will also have the opportunity to intensify your commitment to meeting a particular need in a particular way by joining one of Centenary's vibrant Living Learning Communities (LLC). You may choose to apply to an LLC that is part of your or another World House. LLCs integrate academic coursework with service and leadership activities that provide the basis for even more intensive Learning-into-Action experiences.

Respond to the Challenges!

Live a Meaningful Life:
World House for Social Justice

Expand Your Circles of Relationships:
World House for Peace

Live a Sustainable Life:
World House for Environmental Sustainability

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