Centenary complements your learning in the classroom with action-oriented education outside of the classroom that is specifically designed to help you grow as a leader ready to step up to the Global Challenges of the 21st Century.

Your journey, during each of your four years. will take you on pathways that will give you the opportunities and skills you need to:

  • Connect with others in meaningful ways.

  • Commit to others with a sense of personal strength and integrity.

  • Lead with others who share a sense of common purpose.

  • Grow with others so that you can help them and they can help you live up to each other's full potential in life.

Each and every Student Development program is designed to help you Connect, Commit, Lead and Grow, but not just with the others on campus and not just while you are here. Before you graduate, Centenary will help you Connect with those who know the world's greatest needs firsthand, Commit to a self-chosen cause through which you will make a difference, and Centenary will provide you the tools you will need beyond graduation so that you can Lead wherever you find yourself just as you did on campus. Most importantly you will learn to surround yourself with a circle of ongoing support in order to continue to Grow on purpose.

Step Up:

Live a Meaningful Life
Professional Discernment

Expand Your Circles of Relationship
Student Leadership

Live a Sustainable Life
Global Engagement

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