The Office of Student Life and the Dean of Students provide motivation, guidance, encouragement and support to students throughout their collegiate experience. Students may participate in a wide range of program opportunities that enhance their lives and academic pursuits.

Student Involvement

Student Involvement facilitates learning experiences and leadership opportunities through participation in student organizations, social activities and other student-centered services.

Residence Life

Residence Life strives to help students develop their potential as individuals of integrity and tolerance. Students participate fully in the residential program and emerge prepared to function as leaders in a multicultural society.

Religious Life

Religious Life on campus, coordinated through the Chaplainís Office, offers many opportunities across a diverse spectrum of faith perspectives, for students, faculty and staff to enrich their own spirituality through worship, Bible study, building relationships, prayer groups, discussion and hands on service/mission.

Campus Recreation

The Office of Campus Recreation strives to improve the quality of campus life for students, faculty/staff, and community members by providing a wide range of recreational activities, fitness classes, educational programs and open recreation programs.

Counseling & Disability Services

The Office of Counseling & Disability Services provides free, confidential, short-term counseling regarding personal issues. The Counseling Office also addresses a wide variety of other concerns, including adjustment to college life, making friends and motivation.

Health Services

The Office of Health Services provides care and education to assist students as they learn to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. Emphasis is placed on the importance of preventing illness through a healthy lifestyle, as well as on helping students manage the health problems college students sometimes encounter.

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