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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recording: Interview with Ambassador Vimont

Radio Tintamarre, Centenary College of Louisiana's French language radio program recently had the privilege of interviewing Pierre Vimont, the French Ambassador to the United States. Vimont was in Shreveport to install Centenary's Dana Kress as Honorary Consul.

Interview de monsieur Pierre Vimont, ambassadeur de France aux États-Unis, accordée à Natasha Sebeyran, étudiante de français à Centenary College, faite le 13 octobre 2010 à Shreveport, Louisiana

Interview with French Ambassador Vimont

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recording: 2nd Annual Van Thyn Lecture

Van Thyn Lecture

listen to the entire 2010 Van Thyn Lecture

Dr. Rodney Grunes, professor of political science at Centenary, shared his expertise on the Holocaust at the 2nd Annual Van Thyn Lecture, discussing, from a social science perspective, the lessons to be learned from this horrific event, the role of democracy and other factors in explaining later genocides, and what can be done to prevent such mass murders in the future. The talk was entitled "The Holocaust, Genocides and Democracy: Explanation and Prevention."

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