Recording: A.P. Tureaud Jr. on Civil Rights

A.P. Tureaud Jr.

Centenary students witnessed history when they watched the inauguration of the country’s first African-American President, Barrack Obama. Immediately following the speech, students had an additional opportunity to encounter history: Centenary College Attaway Scholar in Civic Culture, A.P. Tureaud Jr., son of famous civil rights attorney, A.P. Tureaud Sr. spoke at Convocation.

As a young man, Tureaud Jr. applied to Louisiana State University in 1953 but was rejected. His father filed suit against the college, with the district court finding for the plaintiff. Twenty-one lawyers for LSU reviewed the case and appealed the decision. The Appeals Court overturned the lower court on the technicality that only one judge heard the case and LSU promptly kicked Tureaud Jr. out of school. His father requested that the Supreme Court forbid the college from acting until the court can hear the case, which they did. However his son had refused to return to LSU and continued to study at Xavier University.