Recording: Doug Fine Talks About Sustainability

Doug Fine and company

Doug Fine, March 12, 2009 (entire talk — 1 hour)

Adventure journalist and NPR contributor Doug Fine visited Centenary to present a funny and engaging talk and slide-show about his efforts to live carbon neutral on his ranch in southern New Mexico.

At age 36, Fine decided "to see if a regular guy who enjoyed his comforts could maintain them with a reduced oil footprint." He bought a parcel of land, dubbed it the Funky Butte Ranch and dug right into his greener lifestyle. He started with simple goals: to use a lot less oil, to power his life with renewable energy, to eat as locally as possible and to not get killed in the process.

He ended up with two goats, a biofuel powered truck, and a set of solar panels. He details his ongoing story in his memoir, Farewell, My Subaru, laying bear the difficult decisions Americans must consider as we transition towards more sustainable lifestyles.

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