The CAREER component of Trek helps students gain critical career related skills, but also helps to undertake systematic inquiry into and analysis of careers that they find interesting. Students may satisfy the CAREER requirement through one of several options to achieve Trek's mission for students to gain enhanced self-knowledge and social awareness through career and graduate school preparation.

Students may earn CAREER (CA) Credit through any of the following ways:

  1. Career Strategies (CA 253). This semester-long, two-hour credit course will increase student awareness of the career decision-making process. Students will explore their career choices through experiential learning and expand their understanding of the relationship between their education and the world of work.

  2. CAREER Independent Internships (CA 251). Through internships, students can gain short-term professional work experiences that allow them to determine if that career field is right for them. Students can also acquire valuable skills and gain a competitive edge when applying for future jobs or for graduate or professional schools.

  3. CAREER Credit Courses. Some courses already in our academic catalog can meet the criteria for CAREER credit for example, professional internships, student teaching, and mentored research activities that receive academic credit. In general, such courses already combine substantive academic content with significant career-related experiences and serve as a bridge between workplace expectations and the liberal arts education students receive at Centenary.

  4. CAREER Guided Research (CA 251). Most guided research at Centenary occurs under the supervision of a professor, providing excellent preparation for graduate or professional study. Students engaged in advanced research are normally highly motivated and have a firm grasp on their personal and professional goals.