Beginning in the Fall 2011 semester The COMMUNITY component of The TREK Experience re-envisions service-learning at Centenary to acheive an experiential liberal arts education that will make our students better global citizens.

Students will earn COMMUNITY credit through any of the following paths:

1. Learning Through Community Course (CO 153)

The majority of students complete their COMMUNITY requirement through CO 153. This course is designed for students to have the opportunity to choose a Community Partner and participate an independent Service-Learning project during any given semester.

SOME of the requirements for CO 153 include:

  • Student serve a minimum of 30 hours of Community Based Learning with an approved Community Partner of their choice.
  • Once a student has completed their Community Based Learning experience they will present to their peers a summary of what they did in a fun a creative way at the end of the semester in which they began their Service-Learning experience.
  • All students must fill out and turn in the Community Program Assessment upon completion of the course.

2. COMMUNITY Credit Academic Courses & Projects (CO 151)

Students may fulfill their COMMUNITY requirement through a number of academic courses by being concurrently enrolled in the course and CO 151. In this option, students participate in Service-Learning projects that are relevant to their area of study and what they are learning in the course.

3. COMMUNITY Internship Program

Students will be able to receive both their CAREER and COMMUNITY graduation requirements simultaneously for successful participation and completion in formal internships with local Non-Profit Organizations. The NPO Internship Program is a collaboration between the Office of Global Engagement and the Office of Career Services & Placement.

4. COMMUNITY Credit May Modules

Each May students have the option of participating in May Modules that have been approved for COMMUNITY credit, thereby fulfilling both their Module and COMMUNITY requirements at the same time. Future May Module offerings may differ from year to year. Please contact us with any questions about the Service-Learning or COMMUNIYT component in any our modules, or click here to read more about the May Module requirement.