Current Students

The Student Trek Handbook

The Trek Handbook for Students is the comprehensive resource for our students to use when seeking to learn more about earning all 3 Trek credits for graduation. The handbook gives a complete overview of the Trek program, each individual Trek component, and the assessment and evaluation process for each opportunity offered through Trek.

Completing the Trek Requirement

Students, below is a list of options for you to successfully complete the Trek requirement in order to graduate from the Centenary.

In order to receive the maximum benefit from the Trek Components while connecting those opportunities to the academic curriculum, the Trek Committee recommends that students attempt to complete the Trek Components according to the time table below.

Recommended Completion Timeline for Trek Components:

  • COMMUNITY (CO) 45th credit hour | beginning of Sophomore year
  • CAREER (CA) 90th credit hour | end of Sophomore year
  • CULTURE (CU) 105th credit hour | end of Junior year

Completing CO credit early in the college career facilitates an understanding of experiential learning into an academic curriculum and serves as an introduction into merging scholarship and community.

Completing CA credit by the end of the sophomore year allows students to explore careers with enough time to make curricular changes according to their professional goals.

Completing CU credit by the end of the junior year exposes students to global communities beyond local experiences. This deepens understandings of different cultures and prepares students to enter a global context upon graduating.

Required Forms for Trek Components

Students, all the forms you need in order to successfully create, propose, and evaluation complete a Trek approved opportunity can be found by clicking the link below.

Options for Earning Trek Credit

There are 4 options that students can choose to earn each of the 3 Trek Credits. Each option is listed below. For more information about a particular option, click the link below.


  1. Career Strategies (CA 253)

  2. Career Credit Internships (CA 251)

  3. Career Credit Courses

  4. Career Credit Guided Research


  1. International Exchange Partnerships & Study Abroad Opportunities (CU 300)

  2. CULTURE Credit May Modules

  3. Independent CULTURE Projects or Modules (CU 351)

  4. Advanced Language Study


  1. Learning Through Community Course (CO 153)

  2. COMMUNITY Credit Academic Courses & Projects (CO 151)

  3. COMMUNITY Internship Program

  4. COMMUNITY Credit May Modules

Deadlines for Independent Proposals

Students choosing to create and propose independent experiences that include Trek Components must do so the semester before they attempt to complete the experience. Below is a list of the deadlines by which students must submit their Independent Project to the Trek Committee for consideration. The Trek Committee will NOT accept late or retroactive proposals.

Semester of Project Deadlines:

  • Spring Semester - November 1st
  • Summer Semester - April 1st
  • Fall Semester - April 1st