An Overview of the Trek Program

Trek is a program designed to help our students learn important skills and sharpen ones they already have to use beyond their time at Centenary. All 3 components of the Trek Program (CAREER, CULTURE and COMMUNITY) connect back to our students academic majors and help to enhance and support the academic mission of the college.

The available options that students have in order to complete the 3 Trek Components are coordinated by the staff member within the offices listed below. Each of the staff members found within the offices has both experience and expertise in their respected fields.

If you have any specific questions not answered within the Trek website please feel free to contact the Trek Staff at any time.

The Trek Committee

The Trek Committee is comprised of faculty and staff members and 1 current student (appointed by the Student Government Association) to continue the growth and development of the Trek Program as well as review and critique all projects and proposal submitted by students looking to complete all 3 of the Trek components. The committee also reviews the completed assessments for all 3 Trek components once completed on an annual basis.

The 3 Trek Components


The CAREER (CA) program helps students gain critical career related skills, but also helps to undertake systematic inquiry into and analysis of careers that they find interesting. Currently, students may satisfy the CA requirement through one of several options:

  • Coursework on the Centenary Campus
  • Professional Internships
  • Directed Research Activities

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We want our students to examine differences and similarities between their native cultures and the culture under study, and we want those observations to result in transformed lives. The CULTURE (CU) program will build on what we have accomplished for our students in the past while propelling us into a more intentional and rigorous experiential educational model. Students may satisfy the CU requirement through one of several options:

  • Study Abroad
  • May Module
  • Foreign Language Study

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Students will engage with serious academic content and personalize their experiences: with various choices for fulfilling this requirement, they can truly explore and serve their community and better connect their service-learning experience with future career goals. The COMMUNITY (CO) experience will inspire students and provide a model for them, regardless of their careers, to find ways that they might use their education and training for volunteer action in their communities. Starting in the fall of 2011, students may satisfy the CO requirement through one of several options:

  • Coursework on the Centenary Campus
  • Nonprofit Internship Opportunities
  • May Modules that include a strong Service-Learning component

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