Who Are The Woodrow Wilson Fellows?

Centenary is a proud long-time participant in the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows program. A liberal arts education provides the groundwork for a lifetime of success as the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows demonstrate. Woodrow Wilson Fellows are accomplished artists, scientists, businesspersons, and philanthropists who connect with faculty, students, and the community during their weeklong stay at Centenary. Students will get an opportunity to interact with the Fellows on many levels: one-on-one, public talks, research, classes, and even at meal times. Students will benefit from their expertise and develop a deeper understanding of how the knowledge and skills gained from different disciplines can be used to build a meaningful and distinguished career. Students will also build personal connections with the Fellows that can help them as they pursue their careers or other life goals. Student can discuss their personal plans, ambitions, and fears, and receive advice and encouragement from someone with extraordinary experience. Each visit by a Woodrow Wilson Fellow makes a lasting impression on the campus and the students who take advantage of this opportunity.