Academic advising is central to the educational experience at Centenary College. The advisor-advisee relationship is an extension of the teaching and learning process whereby students realize their academic goals through the progressive development of their educational experiences. At Centenary, academic advising is an "integrated" process through which students are assisted in defining, clarifying, and realizing their life and career goals as they actively consider, revise, and implement their educational plans. Centenary understands that while an advisor is the ultimate point of contact on campus for assisting with academic decisions, students receive advice from multiple sources, such as family and friends, fellow students and professors, and coaches and others. Thus, time spent with an academic advisor becomes a decision-making process through which students attain their educational potential by discussing their multiple points of input with an advisor who is uniquely positioned to help them sort through the various pieces of information that they receive. Advising is an ongoing, multifaceted process for which both the student and the advisor share responsibility. The advisor facilitates communication, helps to coordinate learning experiences such as TREK, encourages students to work with Professional Discernment and Career Services to determine and plan for potential careers, refers advisees to other campus resources as necessary, and, perhaps most importantly, serves as a guide on academic progress. Although the advisor’s counsel can be of great value to the student, it is the student who bears ultimate responsibility for monitoring and ensuring completion of requirements for graduation. One of the keys to "integrated advising" is providing the student with as much support as possible in helping them to make their own decisions.

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Dr. Edward Ragan

Assistant Provost for Student Support

Hamilton Hall, 218