Freshman Year

  • Attend SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration) in June, meet your first-year advisor, and register for classes. 
  • Familiarize yourself with campus and advising resources.
  • Explore possible majors. Use the Academic Catalogue to learn about various majors, identify prerequisite courses, and review course descriptions. Browse department websites and meet with particular faculty to answer your questions.
  • Review degree requirements and work with your first-year advisor to create a four-year plan. Begin tracking your core. Declare your major as soon as you choose one.
  • Meet with your first-year advisor to check your academic progress.
  • Visit the Office of Professional Discernment to take assessments that may help identify a major or career path that would be a good fit.
  • Complete Trek 115 and 116 (your freshman seminar) during your first year.


Sophomore Year

  • Schedule an appointment with your first-year advisor to discuss your degree progress. 
  • Plan to declare your major and choose your major advisor by the end of your fourth semester.
  • Explore opportunities for study abroad, internships, or student-faculty research.
  • Meet with your major advisor to check your academic progress and begin work on your degree plan.
  • Start thinking about career and/or graduate school opportunities.  


Junior Year

  • If undeclared, meet with your advisor to discuss your plans for declaring a major before reaching 75 credit hours.
  • Meet with major advisor regularly to check your academic progress.
  • Check your degree plan for missing core and major requirements.
  • Begin working with Career Services to prepare for post-graduation.


Senior Year

  • Meet with your major advisor to confirm that you have completed or scheduled all degree requirements. 
  • Apply for graduation.
  • Meet with Career Services to discuss employment, graduate school, or both.