Live Text 

LiveText can help you create and maintain a digital portfolio of all the assignments and teaching materials you prepare, as part of your teacher education classes and for student teaching or internship. You can add Learn 360 streaming videos for an extra $15.00 for the module. To access LiveText, purchase the basic package and log in at the LiveText homepage.

For more information or support. Direct questions to Dr. Sharon Little.


Clinical Practice Information

Unlike any other time during the teacher preparation process, clinical practice - that is student teaching or internship - is the time for a teacher education candidate to apply fully his or her acquired knowledge, including theory and content, to the classroom. The information provided here is meant to assist and support our student teachers and interns in this process.

The Clinical Practice Handbook provides an overview of the important guidelines, policies and information for the clinical practice experience. We hope it will be a helpful source of answers to questions about Centenary’s clinical practice program. Please read the handbook before the clinical practice experience begins and keep it handy as a reference if questions should arise. 



Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board serves as an avenue by which students can offer program ideas or suggest program concerns. For faculty, it is an opportunity to work collaboratively with students who are willing to provide feedback and assistance on program needs.

Students in the Graduate Program may offer ideas to SAB members and after discussing the matter, the SAB member may then present the proposal at an advisory meeting. SAB also provides feedback on program ideas put forth by the department and faculty.

Student Members

Faculty may also submit ideas to the board by contacting the faculty member sponsor, Dr. Sharon Little at 318.869.5065.