Centenary College is one of eight economics education centers in the Louisiana Council for Economic Education network. Centenary’s Center for Economic Education works with the National Council, the Louisiana Council, and local school districts to design and coordinate workshops that will assist teachers in their understanding of economic terms and the current economic issues which may develop as they teach their courses. The center also produces The Centenary College Teaching Economist, an interactive teaching CD containing lesson plans for teachers and economic indicators for the of 22 parishes in North Louisiana, aggregated data for Shreveport and Monroe regions, the entire state of Louisiana.


Centenary Teaching Economist

With initial funding from the Louisiana Board of Regents, Professors Harold Christensen and Betsy Rankin published the first edition of The Centenary College Teaching Economist, produced in an interactive CD format. The CD contains data and analysis on employment, CPI and other economic indicators, for the of 22 parishes in North Louisiana, aggregated data for Shreveport and Monroe regions, the entire state of Louisiana and the United States. According to Chris Martin, Dean of the Frost School of Business, the uniqueness of the CD publication is both its interactive format and its specific tailoring for use by Louisiana high school economics and free enterprise teachers.

One attribute of the CD is a map of Louisiana parishes on which teachers or students can click to get the data for that particular parish. Once you have clicked on a parish, there is the option of a teacher’s sheet or the student’s sheet. The student’s sheet contains just the raw data. The teacher’s sheet includes the data as well as "Teaching Moments" which are guides for the teachers on how best to use the information in class and what peculiarities are significant or of interest. Also included on the CD are video tutorials on how to retrieve the data directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, should a teachers wish to access additional data sets, or data on related variables.

In addition to the economics faculty, Centenary students in the Economics 151 classes assist with data analysis and the development of “Teaching Moments” for the CD. Dean Martin notes that the while the project is an excellent vehicle for data exploration, analysis, and interpretation in high school classrooms, it also serves to connect Centenary faculty and students with the greater community. Centenary College Teaching Economist will be published annually. Over 1000 of the CDs were mailed out to teachers this past year. For information, regarding the CD and future programs of the Center for economic education, contact Center director, Dr. Harold Christensen at 318-869-5141.


Centenary Teaching Economist NOW AVAILABLE

Your FREE copy of the latest Centenary Teaching Economist on interactive CD is now available. In our newest issue, focused on energy economics, we provide data and "teaching moments" on labor market conditions, trends in the consumer price index, and the fluctuating prices of crude oil and gasoline at the pumps. Also included on our CD are the rules for our Teaching Economist Lesson Plan Competition. Submit your lesson plan for a chance to win $750 for you and your school. For your copy of The Teaching Economist (Mac & PC compatible) contact cmartin@centenary.edu.