Tuition for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Tuition for the Centenary College Executive MBA Program is $1425 per course for the 2017-2018 academic year. Information concerning financial aid may be obtained from the financial aid director at 318.869.5137. Please note that since we have a payment policy based upon trust, failure to pay tuition on time will result in suspension from the program.


Basic Fees

Application Fee: Each first-time applicant pays a one-time non-refundable fee of $20. This fee is waived for those with a Centenary College undergraduate degree.

Class Reservation Fee: A non-refundable $100 class reservation fee is required upon official acceptance into the MBA program. This fee is not applied toward your tuition.

Maintenance Fee: Due to professional and personal commitments, many of our students are unable to enroll in one or more of the five terms taught annually in the MBA program. Students who do not enroll in the program for two consecutive terms must pay a $50 fee each term of their absence, beginning with the third consecutive term. This fee holds the candidate’s place in the program until his/her return. A student placed on inactive status must re-apply for admission and pay a $100 reactivation fee.

Assessment Fee: Students enrolled in MBA 501 “Leadership and Organizational Behavior” complete a self-assessment battery focusing on leadership skills,strengths and weaknesses, and motivation. Students are responsible for the $125 fee for this assessment at the time of enrollment in the class.

Copyright Fees: In addition to textbooks, many classes assign cases and articles that require payment for duplication. Students are responsible for such payments before the second week of classes.

Computer Proficiency Fee: Computer proficiency is expected of all MBA candidates prior to the start of formal coursework. Upon admission to the program, a basic proficiency exam covering Excel, PowerPoint and Word processing is administered to all MBA candidates. The fee for this exam is $100. Should proficiency not be determined by this exam, a new candidate is required to take a non-credit workshop covering the software skills required in our program.

Contact Info

Pat Gallion

eMBA Coordinator

Jackson Hall, Suite 210