The Religious Studies Department encourages students to examine how religious beliefs, practices, and values of contemporary and historical cultures shape and are shaped by societal factors, long-standing traditions, and distinctive forms of literary and artistic expression.




Major B.A. in Religious Studies

Students may complete a major in religious studies with at least nine courses (36 hours):

  • Either Introduction to Hebrew Bible or Introduction to Early Christian Literature (REL 101 or 102)
  • Introduction to Religious Studies (REL 111)
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • At least two courses from the 200+ level that focus on specific religious traditions
  • Four additional courses from the 300-level or above
  • Comprehensive Examinations (REL 900, 901)


minor requirements for religious studies

Students may elect a minor in religious studies with any five courses from the Department of Religious Studies, including Introduction to Religious Studies and at least two courses from the 300-level or above. 

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David Otto

Department Chair

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