In the MENA Living Learning Community we explore:

  • Contemporary culture and events in the Middle East and North Africa
  • The history of the region and the legacy of colonialism, as well as
  • The role of religion in the region
  • Politics and diplomacy toward the region and within it

The Middle East and North Africa is a region characterized by conflict and oppression as well as by renewed hope for social change. In the MENA LLC we study the forces that tear apart and unite the peoples of this region, we socialize over current news and traditional cuisine, we engage in diplomacy through the Model Arab League, we relax in “the Casbah”, and we encourage each other to pursue firsthand student abroad opportunities in the region.


Members of the LLC will have many opportunities to learn about the region:

  • Take “Religion and the Creation of the Middle East” (Dew), “Historical Perspectives on the Middle East” (Fulwider & Murphy), or the future “Middle Eastern Politics” (Murphy)
  • Be involved with Centenary’s Model Arab League, which attends a regional conference each spring, role playing and competing against other schools in a simulation of politics and diplomacy
  • See films, eat Middle Eastern and North African food, attend cultural events on campus
  • Interact with visiting scholars and public figures
  • Interested in visiting or studying abroad in the region, learning languages, or continuing your study in graduate school? MENA will offer advising and resources to help you.


Where is the LLC?

In a suite in Cline dormitory, which members share and use as both a residence and a headquarters for our work together


Interested in getting involved with MENA?

Recruitment for LLCs happens every Spring, but most MENA events are open to everyone. Contact Professors Dew, Fulwider, or Murphy for more information.