Centenary offers three World House communities within the residence halls to immerse students in opportunities to respond to three global challenges: expanding your circle and promoting peace, living a meaningful life, and living a sustainable life. Incoming students are placed in the World House for Peace, World House for Social Justice, or World House for Environmental Sustainability.

World House Selection:

Students complete a World House assessment and have a one-on-one conversation with Professional Discernment staff to help determine the best fit. Students may choose their own roommate or be matched with one.


World House for Peace

Our challenge is to expand our circle to promote respectful engagement with a broader world. In the 21st century, not everyone shares the same values or experiences, and conflict exists. Through exploration and discussion of our differences, we must work to create the common ground necessary to build peaceful, just, and mutually beneficial relationships.



The World House for Peace works to prevent and resolve conflicts in non-violent ways, through efforts such as developing community development, engaging in mediation, increasing intercultural understanding, decreasing violence in media and technology, promoting global security through deterrence, promoting global security through disarmament, preventing violent crime, establishing and strengthening civil society and democracy and using technology to develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships.


Community Service Partner: Community Renewal International
Living Learning Community: MENA


World House for Social Justice

Our challenge is to identify and live intentionally our deeply held values, ideals, and beliefs while respecting the values and beliefs of others. By approaching the world with an open mind, we search for meaning and purpose. We must explore our passions, question assumptions, and strive toward our potential so as to help others live their potential as well.



The World House for Social Justice will work to remove barriers that inhibit a person or persons from reaching his, her or their full potential - barriers such as poverty, global and public health care, and disease prevention, illiteracy, lack of education or artistic expression.

Partners & LLC

Community Service Partner: Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana
Living Learning Community: Node, Le Quartier Français, and Santé


World House for Sustainability

Our challenge is to develop sustainable lifestyles and appreciate the natural environment in ways that do not compromise the capacity of future generations to satisfy their needs. We must learn how to live a sustainable life, work to devise solutions to problems that use our planet's resources wisely, and create sustainable, just, and compassionate systems.



The World House for Environmental Sustainability works to leave the planet better than the way we found it for the next generation through efforts such as creating green space, decreasing the impact of energy exploration and development on the environment, energy conservation, surface and ground water quality, carbon footprint reduction, and alternative transportation.

Partners & LLC

Community Service Partner: Shreveport Green
Living Learning Community: GreenHouse

Residence Life

When you're living at Centenary you're always learning, but it doesn't always happen in a classroom.