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Every year, Centenary students present their best works of exploration and invention to fellow students and faculty at our Student Research Forum. A community tradition for over 20 years, the Research Forum is modeled upon long-standing academic traditions of conference-based information sharing and feedback. 


Check back for 2017 Research Forum dates.


Congratulations to the winners of the 25th annual Centenary Student Research Forum!


Poster Session

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Jessica Cameron
  • 2nd place - Melissa Traver
  • 3rd place - Namra Tanveer


  • 1st place - Taylor Ackerman
  • 2nd place - Abigail Dillard
  • 3rd place - Bailey White


Oral Session


  • 1st place - Christian Roberson and Sarah Leal
  • 2nd place - Grace Rambo
  • 3rd place - David Westbrook

Social Sciences

  • 1st place - Gabrielle Glorioso

Natural Sciences

  • 1st place - Manon Doucet
  • 2nd place - Dolores Ross

Poster Presentation

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Oral Presentation

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Dr. Scott Chirhart

Research Forum Director