The CULTURE component of TREK provides opportunities for students to gain personal and intellectual insights through direct interaction with people of a different culture. These experiences enable students to understand how their own culture's values, beliefs, heritage, and history shape their views of the people they encounter whether in the United States or abroad. Students have three options to immerse themselves in the study of a culture that is different from mainstream culture:

  • Students may study internationally in a foreign culture.
  • Students may study culturally distinct groups in the United States who have substantially different regulations, norms, and ways of life from mainstream U.S. culture.
  • Students may study subcultural groups who are part of mainstream culture (ethnic, racial, class, sexual identity, etc.) but differ significantly from mainstream cultural experience.
  • Students may satisfy the CULTURE requirement through international exchange or study abroad, an approved Intercultural Experience course or Independent Culture Project, modern language study, or an approved module or immersion course.
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Anne-Marie Bruner-Tracey

Director of Intercultural Engagement