We are pleased to welcome backyard chefs and local restauranteers to Beast Feast!


Looosiana Seafood Market

Location: Tent 1 
Chef: Josh Morvant 
Dish: New Orleans BBQ Shrimp & Grits and Smoked Prime Rib


Marilynn's Place

Location: Tent 2 
Chef: Boz Baucum
Dish: Swamp Beast Crawfish & Alligator Pasta*


Slow Food North Louisiana

Location: Tent 3
Chef: Angie White
Dish: Shrimp & White Beans* and Great Raft Southern Drawl

Taziki's Mediterranean Café

Location: Tent 4
Chef: Larry Norwood
Dish: Taziki's Signature Pasta Grilled (Chicken & Vegetarian) and Hummus & Baked Pita


Marissa Brown Personal Chef Service

Location: Tent 5 
Chef: Marissa Brown
Dish: Smoked BBQ Shrimp*


Riverbend Rotary Club

Location: Tent 6
Chef: Tyler Williams
Dish: Pepper Jelly Glazed Pork Loin Sliders∞


Eddie Dubois' Louisiana Grubbery

Location: Tent 7 
Chefs: Ed Ragan & Tod Rawls
Dish: Mator Gators*


Centenary Department of Public Safety

Location: Tent 8
Chefs: Chief Eddie Walker & Frank Waruszak
Dish: Asian Beef Sliders†∞, Asian Shrimp Tacos*, and Down Home Sausage


Centenary Alumni Association

Location: Tent 9
Chefs: Mikey Collette & Patrick Cole
Dish: Smoked Brisket†∞



Location: Tent 10
Chef: Derrick Staton
Dish: Teriyaki Shrimp/ Sausage, Shrimp Fajitas, Dirty Rice, and Stuffed Quail


John Odom

Location: Tent 11
Chefs: John Odom & Peter Moncrief
Dish: Quail Jambalaya


Straight Outta Mer Rouge Catering

Location: Tent 12
Chef: Jamie Sharpton
Dish: Jambalaya and Seafood Fritters*


Red Ball Oxygen

Location: Tent 13
Chef: Ben Gerkin
Dish: Smoked Chicken and Ribs


Dillas Primo Quesadillas

Location: Tent 14
Chef: Pete John
Dish: The Lone Star w/Jalapeno Ranch


Operation BBQ Relief

Location: Tent 15
Chef: Bryan Roppolo
Dish: Grilled Ribeyes†



Location: Tent 16
Chef: Weston McElwee
Dish: Slow Roaster Brisket Cheese Steak Sliders∞


Holy Nativity of the Lord Orthodox Church

Location: Tent 17
Chef: George Johnson
Dish: Skirt Steak Tacos†


Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office

Location: Tent 18  
Chefs: Alan Davidson & John May
Dish: Fried Catfish*


Ameriprise Financial Steve Jones CRPC 

Location: Tent 19 
Chef: Steve Jones
Dish: Oyster Shooters*


Milbar Hydro - Test

Location: Tent 20
Chefs: Robert Jackson & Drew Meeder
Dish: Boiled Crawfish*


Cosse Silmon Kid Zone

All Beef Hotdogs†∞

*Seafood provided by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Louisiana Seafood Board
† Funding Provided by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council
∞Bread provided by King’s Hawaiian