Centenary College uses Microsoft Office 365 to manage student, faculty, and staff email. The format for student email is:


Students may access their Office 365 account by clicking here.

Faculty and staff can access their Microsoft Office 365 account at http://my.centenary.edu/. The format for faculty and staff email is:


The assigned Centenary email account is the primary method for electronically sharing campus news and information. Professors also use this address to communicate classroom news and updates.

The Office 365 account also provides access to other Office 365 services, such as online versions of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.),  OneDrive, Skype, and other Microsoft services.


Please Note: Office 365 requires at least one login to Office 365 once every 200 days or the account will automatically disable. Students who forward their Centenary student email to another email service must log-in directly to my.centenary.edu at least every 200 days or e-mail will not be delivered.