Centenary College evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission. Among the indicators of success pertaining to student achievement used by the College are enrollment data, retention rate, graduation rates, job and graduate school placement rates, and state licensing examinations.

Retention Rates
Centenary monitors year-to-year retention rates for each first-time entering cohort. Retention goals are proposed and monitored by a cross-divisional team, the Enrollment Policy Committee. Current first to second year retention goals are:

  • Fall 2015 cohort (Class of 2019): 78%
  • Fall 2016 cohort (Class of 2020): 79%
  • Fall 2017 cohort (Class of 2021): 80%
  • Fall 2018 cohort (Class of 2023): 80%
  • Fall 2019 cohort (Class of 2023): 80%

The table below reports institutional retention data from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (ipeds).

First Time Full Time Freshman FALL to FALL  Retention Rate
2008 Cohort 73%
2009 Cohort 74%
2010 Cohort 72%
2011 Cohort 68%
2012 Cohort 69%
2013 Cohort 80%
2014 Cohort 74%

Centenary also monitors fall to spring retention rates and fall to fall retention rates. The college has seen an improvement from the low fall to fall retention rate of 68% in in the Fall 2010 cohort to a fall to fall retention rate of 80% in the Fall 2013 cohort.

Graduation Rates
Centenary also monitors graduation rates for each cohort. Graduation goals are also proposed and monitored by the Enrollment Policy Committee. The graduation rate is based on a 150% of the expected time to graduate, i.e., approximately six years and shows the same level of stability. Current goals are:

  • Fall 2012 cohort (Class of 2016): 49%
  • Fall 2013 cohort (Class of 2017): 50%
  • Fall 2014 cohort (Class of 2018): 47%
  • Fall 2015 cohort (Class of 2019): 50%
  • Fall 2016 cohort (Class of 2020): 50%

Oversight of issues pertaining to retention and course and degree completion falls to the Vice President for Enrollment.

Job and Graduate School Placement Rates
The Centenary Office of Professional Success annually conducts a “first destination” survey of graduating seniors, utilizing several tools to find out more about the career choices and plans of the Centenary College graduates. The goal is to quantify the students who are employed, seeking employment, going to graduate/professional school or taking time off following graduation.

From the class of 2015:

  • 47% have plans to attend graduate school
  • 31% will be working in their chosen field
  • 17% have planned to take some time off
  • 3% will be working, but are deciding what their next steps will be (i.e. deciding whether or not to go to grad school, etc.)
  • 2% have plans to work as an intern

State Licensing Examinations
Centenary students completing the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree are the only Centenary students required to complete a state licensing or certification examination. Centenary offers the M.A.T. in elementary, secondary, or K-12 certification. The Department of Education Graduate Catalogue provides a Program Overview; Admission Requirements, including required examinations; and Degree requirements, including required examinations.

Prior to being granted admission into the Graduate program in Education, students must present passing scores on the PRAXIS I. In addition, the student must present passing scores on the PRAXIS Content Area Test for their chosen area of certification. For the M.A.T. program in elementary education students must successfully complete the PRAXIS Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 examination; for the M.A.T program in secondary education, students must successfully complete the PRAXIS Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12 examination; and for the M.A.T program in K-12 Choral Music, students must successfully complete the PRAXIS II: Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 examination. Passing scores on all PRAXIS examinations are set by the Louisiana Department of Education. The tables below provide the passing rate for Centenary students on the Praxis exams.

Praxis Exam Student Cohort Pass Rate (%) Centenary Average Scaled Score Louisiana Average Scaled Score
Praxis I Mathematics 2013-2014 Program Completers 100% 181 177
Praxis I Reading 2013-2014 Program Completers 100% 182 178
Praxis I Writing 2013-2014 Program Completers 100% 178 176
Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12 2013-2014 Program Completers 100% 177 175