Summer courses at Centenary College are a great way for Centenary students to work ahead towards a degree, or for students home from their college or university to pick up some extra credits.

All courses are four credit hours except as noted. Course descriptions can be found in the Centenary College Catalogue. Cost per credit hour is $460.

Centenary students can register for courses by visiting their academic adviser. Non-Centenary students must complete an application form. Non-Centenary students should check with their school's registrar for transfer of credits.

For information, contact Dr. Edward Ragan at 318.869.5142 or email


Session 1 

MAY 31 - JUNE 23, 2017


CHEMISTRY 105/115: Chemistry and Society with Lab

This course may be taken with or without the lab and can be applied as a Natural Sciences Foundation (with lab) or as a Sustainable World Challenge course (without lab) for Centenary students.

ENGLISH 301S: Seminar in African American Literature, Art, and Music

This course can be applied as a Humanities Foundation or as a Meaningful Life Challenge course for Centenary students.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE / GENDER STUDIES 391: Sun, Sand and Sex in Caribbean Literature

This course can be applied as an Expanding Circle Challenge course for Centenary students. This course is taught in English.

POLITICAL SCIENCE 103: Contemporary Issues in Public Policy

This course can be applied as a Social Sciences Foundation or as an Expanding Circle Challenge course for Centenary Students.

PSYCHOLOGY 101: Introduction to Psychology

This course can be applied as a Social Sciences Foundation for Centenary Students.


Session 2

JUNE 27 - JULY 21, 2017

PSYCHOLOGY 304: Statistics for Behavioral Science

Prerequisite: MATH 104 or higher

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Dr. Edward Ragan

Assistant Provost for Student Support

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