How COVID-19 causes infection and strategies for prevention


What COVID-19 does What we can do
COVID-19 is an airborne disease. Wear an effective mask!
COVID-19 binds to your cells to make more virus. Get vaccinated to keep antibody levels high and
prevent COVID-19 from binding to your cells!
COVID-19 uses your cells as “virus factories.” Take sensible steps to avoid exposure to keep
COVID-19 out of your cells!
COVID-19 does not care what happens to your body or anyone else’s! Care about public health!


Layers of defense minimize risk



No single COVID-19 safety measure is guaranteed to prevent infection. Each layer of protective measures we add lowers the risk of infection:

  • Masks minimize the risk of transmission by capturing and redirecting the potentially contaminated aerosols produced as we breathe, talk, and eat.
  • Physical distancing from others reduces the concentration of potentially contaminated aerosols and droplets that we share.
  • Vaccination trains our bodies to defend themselves before we get infected, allowing us to mount an effective response upon infection.
  • Ventilation and air filtration reduce the concentration of potentially contaminated aerosols in an enclosed space.
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