Fire Evacuation

  • Before opening a door, feel the upper portion of the door or the doorknob. If the upper door or doorknob is not hot, brace yourself against the door and open it slightly.
  • If you encounter heat or heavy smoke in the corridor, close the door and stay in the room.
  • Keep the door closed. Seal the cracks around the door with clothing, tape or other material, soaking them in water when possible.
  • Hang an object out the window, such as a shirt, jacket, towel, or anything that will attract attention.
  • If you can leave the room, close all doors behind you as you move to the closest exit or stairway. DO NOT lock doors.
  • If the nearest exit is blocked, go to an alternate exit. If all exits are blocked, go to the room furthest from the fire, close the door and follow procedures above.
  • After leaving the building, DO NOT RE­ ENTER, until cleared by the Department of Public Safety or Fire Department personnel.
  • Report to your designated assembly point. Stay there until an accurate head count has been taken.

Emergency Assembly Points

  • Residence Halls -­ Student Union
  • Brown Chapel -­ Magale Library
  • Bynum Commons – Student Union
  • Centenary Square -­ Kilpatrick
  • Extended Learning – Peters Bldg.
  • Facilities – Gold Dome
  • Fitness Center­ - Student Union
  • Gold Dome -­ Baseball parking lot
  • Hamilton Hall -­ Student Union
  • Hurley Music – Magale Library
  • Anderson – Magale Library
  • Feazel – Magale Library
  • Jackson Hall – Student Union
  • Magale Library – Brown Chapel
  • Majorie Lyons – Anderson Aud.
  • Meadows – Student Union
  • Mickle Hall – Brown Chapel
  • Student Union – Fitness Center
  • Peters Bldg. – Student Union
  • Smith/Kilpatrick – Fitness Center
  • Turner -­ Peters Bldg.
  • Wright Bldg. – Magale Library
Contact Info

Eddie Walker

Chief of Public Safety