Know the location, type, and how to use your fire extinguisher.

Location: Check the location of the fire extinguisher in your work area.

Type: Fire extinguishers are classified by the type of fire on which they are used:

A -­ Ordinary Combustibles: for burning wood, paper, trash, and other ordinary combustible materials.

B -­ Flammable Liquids: for fires involving oils, gasoline, paints, solvents, or grease in a frying pan.

C -­ Electrical Equipment: for electrical wiring and equipment, fuse boxes, and other electrical sources

ABC -­ Multipurpose

How to use:

Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep = PASS

P > PULL and twist the pin
A > AIM the nozzle at the base of the fire, standing back about eight feet.
S > SQUEEZE the handle or trigger to activate the extinguisher.
S > SWEEP the fire from side to side.

Remember the fire extinguishing agent won’t last long — only about 10 seconds on small extinguishers and up to 50 seconds for larger extinguishers.

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