Hazardous Material Spill

  • Immediately report any spill of a hazardous chemical or radioactive material to the Department of Public Safety, 5000. Advise the supervisor of the department as well.
  • When reporting, be specific about the nature and amount of the material involved and the location of the spill.
  • If a chemical is spilled or splashed on a person, immediately wash the chemical from the victim and remove any contaminated clothing. Eyes, if contaminated, should be flushed immediately with water. First aid procedures should be started at once.
  • The instructor or supervisor should evacuate and limit access to the affected area at once to prevent further contamination of others until the arrival of safety personnel who can determine if evacuation of the entire building is needed.
  • If evacuation is needed, move to a safe area crosswind or upwind to avoid exposure to fumes.
  • Unless seeking medical attention, persons who are potentially exposed to a spill or radiation should report to emergency personnel at the site and give name, phone number, and address. Supervisors and instructors should also report the names of potentially exposed persons to the emergency personnel at the scene. Required clean­up will be directed by the appropriate authorities.
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Eddie Walker

Chief of Public Safety