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The Future of Feminism
March 4 • 6 pm

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Drs. Andia Augustin-Billy, Mandi Donahoe, Jeanne Hamming, and Michelle Wolkomir will discuss the evolutions, transformations, and possibilities of feminism(s)

ACS Convocation Series
Romantic Love: Challenges, Consequences, and Revisions

March 9 • 4:00 pm

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Presented by Dr. Michelle Wolkomir

The romantic love story/ideology is celebrated in American culture, and it is the framework most people use to conceptualize and enact intimate relationships. Despite its importance and pervasiveness in our lives, we rarely question how this story impacts relationships and gender power dynamics. This presentation explores this question and then draws on data from polyamorous relationships to pose potential alternative narratives for intimacy and romantic love.

Conversations about and within the African Diaspora

March 16 • 6 pm

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Presented by: Drs. Caree Banton, Associate Professor of Afro-Caribbean History and Director of the African and African American Studies Program at the University of Arkansas, and Dr. Andia Augustin-Billy, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Drs. Banton and Augustin-Billy will discuss teaching the African Diaspora while simultaneously navigating the diaspora and the academy and highlight connections between historic diasporic aspirations and the ongoing challenges that young, Black, female scholars face in academia. 

Conducting Research in Masculine Spaces

March 23 • 6 pm

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Presented by Dr. Ashley Lemke, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas in Arlington and Chair of the Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology

Dr. Lemke will discuss her groundbreaking archeological work including her role piloting an underwater robot. She will also discuss the challenges of quite literally navigating the rough waters of a research subfield that remains largely dominated by men.

Pursuing Feminist Peace:
The Work of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

March 30 • 6 pm

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Presented by Dr. Catia Confortini, Associate Professor and Co-Director of Peace and Justice Studies at Wellesley College

Dr. Confortini will discuss WILPF’s work as one of the oldest peace organizations in the world and its role in projecting feminist activism into the traditionally masculine processes of war and peace.

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