Integrated Advising supports students as they adjust to college life and serves as a "bridge-builder" between the student and the college. Throughout their first year at Centenary, Integrated Advising provides personalized support by connecting students with the people and resources to ensure each student has the opportunities needed to succeed.

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Adjusting to Online Courses

Keep calm and check your email

Centenary administration is meeting daily to make decisions about how to proceed in this unprecedented time, if you miss an email all the information gets posted here

Get up and get dressed

In order to be successful, you must think and act successful. Despite working from your dorm or from home, make a habit to get up and get dressed as if you were headed to class. Get ready for the day.

Make a daily schedule and stick to it

Working from home is very different and will test your time management skills, write your schedule down and stick to it! 

Adjust to the tools your professor is using.

Your professors are communicating with you about software they are using moving forward and you need to prepare now to make sure you're ready to begin this challenge on Monday. 

Take your school work seriously.

It can be easy to slack off when "no one is watching" so understand that you must set up a home office of sorts wherever you are and get to work! 


This is the time to over communicate through technology, since we're practicing physically distancing you need to find ways to stay connected to your friends and Centenary. 

Use software to work together.

Use tools to be social and get your work done, fun and collaboration can be done online too.


Find time for some self-care, build work/study breaks into your schedule, it's always important to take care of yourself and develop good habits, take a deep breath and rock some remote college-ing!


What is Integrated Advising?

Integrated Advising is a proactive advising model that uses a "case management" approach to assist undergraduate students to be successful in their first year of college. The integrated Advising model creates a team - customized for each individual student - that may include faculty, staff, coaches and peers. These personalized advising teams provide students with the support they need to get the most out of their college experience and be academically successful.

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Valerie Breashears

Director of Integrated Advising

2911 Centenary Boulevard, Shreveport, LA 71104

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