Religious Life at Centenary

For many students, the Centenary experience would not be complete without their active involvement in Religious Life. Among others, Centenary students represent Jewish, Mormon, Greek Orthodox, Catholic, non-denominational and various Protestant backgrounds. A myriad of spiritual beliefs are held by the student body and many seeking students continue an exploration of personal faith throughout their college years.

Whether you are attending worship services, seeking fellowship opportunities in various groups or hanging out at the Religious Life Center on the weekends, Centenary's religious community strives to create a gracious and welcoming environment where spirituality is nurtured in the presence of supportive peers.

Meet the Chaplain

[photo of Valerie Robideaux

Rev. Valerie Robideaux

A deacon in The United Methodist Church, Valerie serves as the Director of Professional Discernment & Chaplain. She coordinates programs and career coaching that helps students identify their passions, values, and interests as they explore their professional goals. Specifically within the Christian Leadership Center, Valerie works to prepare undergraduate Christian leaders for the practical and theological challenges facing the church and the world in the 21st Century. Valerie received her B.A. in Religious Studies from Centenary in 2003 and completed her Master of Divinity degree at Candler School of Theology in 2008. Valerie and her husband, Joseph Robideaux of Lifewater Church, have two daughters.


There are many opportunities to get involved in Religious Life: contemporary Christian concerts, worship, game nights, theological discussions, prayer services, Bible studies and much more.

Other ways to get involved:
The Christian Leadership Center
Mission Opportunities