Spanish at Centenary

The Spanish faculty of the Department of Foreign Languages oversee courses that support

Whether you hope to learn basic Spanish in order to survive abroad or you want to immerse yourself in Hispanic history and culture through the study of Cervantes or Garcia Marquez, Centenary's Spanish program can meet your needs.


First and second year courses teach the fundamentals of grammar and strive to give students many opportunities to hear and speak Spanish. Readings, discussions, and performance activities orient students to the rich diversity in the Spanish speaking world. In upper division courses, students continue to perfect their spoken and written Spanish skills while gaining exposure to the language and culture through a variety of novels, plays, poetry, art, news journals, and films.

A World of Opportunities

If you are interested in teaching Spanish at the high school or college level, you will also find a wealth of courses to prepare you for these professions, as well as a pathway to use these classes towards earning your teacher certification.

Spanish knowledge will, of course, enrich any career path, whether you choose law, medicine, social work, education, or business. In particular, the Business / Foreign Language Coordinate Program offers a clear path to incorporate Spanish fluency into your work.