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The Arboretum is the garden at the heart of the Centenary campus. You can also see it as part of the virtual tour.

Arboretum Committee

The organizational committee is comprised of three to four Centenary College faculty members, one of which is the Director of the Arboretum, one student representative, and one member of the campus administration. Members of the committee serve as on-campus advocates of the Arboretum organization, and meet yearly to discuss standards, the Collection Policy, development, the yearly event, and maintenance of the Arboretum. The Chair of the Department of Biology serves as Chair of the Arboretum Committee.

Current members of the Arboretum Committee:

Dr. Scott Chirhart, Chair of Biology and Chair of the Arboretum Committee
Dr. Ed Leuck, Faculty Member, Department of Biology, and Director of the Arboretum
Dr. Beth Leuck, Faculty Member, Department of Biology
Sherry Heflin, Visual Identity and Publications Manager
Bonnie Bernard, Student Member

For specific photographs on every species of plant life in the Arboretum, please click here.

Here are some reference collection sheets for northwest Louisiana trees, shrubs, and vines from Andrew Johnson and Bonnie Bernard.

Arboretum Blooms

Ecology Test 2012

Ecology Test 2010

Arboretum Re-dedication