Physics Department

The faculty of the Physics Department teach a variety of courses that contribute to both the Bachelor of Science in Biophysics as well as the Minor in Physics.

The Physics Department works with the Math Department to oversee Centenary's 3/2 Engineering program, an innovative program that offers students the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from Centenary in conjunction with a Bachelor of Science from another institution.

In addition, physics classes fulfill key roles in many other programs available at the college.

Contact any of our faculty members for information on physics offerings.


Centenary physicists build mentoring relationships with students. The department emphasizes a relaxed atmosphere of free exchange between students and professors.

Moreover, Centenary faculty, not assistants, teach classes and laboratories, ensuring quality educational experiences across the board.

Juan Rodriguez

more info | email | 318-869-5218

Keen Professor of Physics,
B.S., Centenary College, 1980. Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1986. Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University (St. Louis) 1986-1990

Troy Messina

more info | email | 318-869-5217

Associate Professor of Physics & Department Chair
Gus S. Wortham Chair in Engineering (Fall 2008-present)

B.S., University of Texas at Austin, 1996. M.A., University of Texas at Austin, 1999. Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 2002, NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey 2003-2007.