When to Use a Blanket Purchase Order:

A Blanket Purchase Order states intent to purchase repetitive services or items from the same supplier, which are purchased and paid in a predictable manner from a vendor. It has a specific time frame and total dollar amount. It is general in nature and does not state what specific items will be purchased, when they will be ordered, or in what quantity.

A Blanket Purchase Order is not to be used as an open line of credit.

A Blanket Purchase Order is time specific with a start / end date.

A Blanket Purchase Order encumbers the full amount of the Purchase Order when it is created.


A Blanket Purchase Orders enable a Department to place multiple releases for supplies against a single PO number.

Once the dollar limit of the blanket order is reached, no further releases can be made.

It is the department's responsibility to ensure that the estimate used on the initial Blanket Order is a realistic amount that is expected to be used for the period indicated.

For grants and contracts, the period covered by the PO must not extend beyond the end date of the grant or contract. For all other funds, the period covered by blanket must not extend beyond the fiscal year-end.

Completed blanket purchase orders should be sent to business_office@centenary.edu or returned to the Business Office for processing.

Blanket Purchase orders form (Excel version)

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